Desk Booking for the agile workplace

Activity Based Working and Hot Desking

Many companies are now moving to agile work environments such as Activity Based Working and Hot Desking to provide employees the ideal workspace for their assigned task in addition to reducing real estate costs.
In order to successfully deploy Activity Based Working or Hot Desking within a company, the action of desk booking is required. Desk booking helps locate colleagues who are always on the move and also provides desk usage data to facility management.
Desk booking is made seamless and accurate using the Embrava Blynclight IPE with Density Feature license.


Companies who have implemented activity based work and/or hotdesking

Customer Problem

Manual desk booking process which causes inaccurate desk usage data.


The Blynclight IPE with Density Feature license allows users to seamlessly book and release desks.


Book desks with no extra effort on behalf of the employee. Automated desk booking ensure accurate desk usage data.

The Challenge

Activity Based Working and Hotdesking is great..
but not if the data captured from the process is incorrect.

As companies move to Activity Based Working and/or Hotdesking a process must be put in place to ensure that users can book and release desks. Current solutions require a manual check-in/out to a desk by tapping an RFID card on a desk. This manual process is not only an overhead to the user but is also prone to missed check-ins/outs which prevents colleagues from finding one another in addition to incorrect desk usage data being fed back to management.

Did You Know

A recent survey of 400 multinational corporations found that two-thirds plan to implement shared-desk workplaces by 2020.

Blynclight IPE with Density Feature licence enables an effective agile workplace strategy

The Blynclight IPE when used together with the Density Feature licence is ideal for implementing activity based working and/or hotdesking within your workplace for these main reasons:

  • Passive Desk Check-in/Check-out: Eliminate the overhead of manually checking in/out of a workspace and improve the accuracy of desk usage reporting by removing missed check-ins/check-outs.
  • Easily Locate Colleagues: Not only can you effortlessly locate a colleague, but also ensure they are available with our integrations into major UC platforms that provide user status such as Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber.
  • Rich Desk Usage Data: Anonymously report on how desks are actually being utilized with Available, Away, Busy and On-Call data allowing organizations to save money and effectively plan their workspaces.
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