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Innovating tech for
the modern office.

Because work should be awesome.

Globally headquartered in New York City, Embrava is an Australian-born worktech company that brings workplace and user availability status to life. The team believes work should be awesome and that common workplace challenges can be solved.

With a commitment to making flexible work work, Embrava creates solutions for the modern workplace, improving the employee experience while protecting the bottom line.

Enabling a personalized approach.

No two enterprises run in exactly the same way. Embrava’s worktech innovations ensure that whether a team is in the office, working remotely, or both, they can connect to each other with ease and simplicity.

Creating hardware and software solutions that increase productivity and collaboration is about more than meeting business objectives. It’s about protecting an employee’s most valuable asset: her time.

As a proven and trusted provider of worktech solutions that improve employee experiences, Embrava continues to expand our suite of solutions that make the office a place people want to be.

Innovating tech for
the modern office.

Desk Hoteling

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Step into a world of awesome work...
So that employees prefer the office.

Activity Based Work

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The functionality of knowing when a space is available, how soon the next reservation starts, and how soon the reservation ends have been the most valuable additions to our workplace.

Hot Desking

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The Modern Workplace.

Workspace products to make things better.

Open-plan offices and activity-based agile work have become commonplace in the modern office. No longer are employees siloed in cubicles or isolated from one another.

Rather, teams can collaborate more easily, cross-pollinate ideas and momentum, and work in ways that best suit their individual needs.

Honest About Challenges.

While innovations like hot desking provide flexibility and reduce real estate, they can also be cumbersome.

  • Interruptions increase.
  • Productivity wanes.
  • Finding space is difficult.
  • Locating colleagues is time consuming.
  • Workplace data is inaccurate.
  • The employee experience suffers.
Happy customers make work easier and more accessible.

The Embrava Solution.

Makes office time better and more efficient.

Innovative solutions like the Embrava Desk Sign allow enterprises to easily solve common flexible workplace challenges. As a desk-level device that displays the status of a desk, Desk Sign brings a digital map to life, making space and colleagues easy to find.

When challenges are solved, the employee experience improves & work is, well, awesome.

Hear straight from our customers.

We ship globally and our company is nation wide.

“We didn’t have name plates, just numbers. I talked to someone and I didn’t know their name. But now, Desk Sign has definitely made things a lot more friendly. We’re in a smaller space; we see more faces and know who they are. So, it definitely, definitely, definitely made a big difference. And it looks great!”

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