Embrava Software Development Kit & Application Programing Interface

Our SDK and API put the power in your hands to integrate Embrava solutions into your line of business applications.

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The SDK and API

Integrate Blynclight status lights and Desk Sign digital signage into your own applications.
Develop Custom Applications
Whether displaying a red light when Helpdesk call times are breached, or flashing green when the team hits a sales target, Blynclight status lights can be customized to display alerts of your choosing.
Embrava Hardware Integration
The SDK will help you build custom integrations on Blynclight and Blynclight Mini, while our API document gives you access to customizing the Embrava Desk Sign.
Simplify hybrid working
Give your team the tools they need to plan ahead by booking a desk in advance, or on the fly when they come in to the office.
Operating System Support
Windows, Mac, Linux.
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Create Custom Solutions

Explore products that allow you to develop for your use case
Empower employees, no matter how tech-savvy.
Desk Sign
simple desk booking
Blynclight Mini
The power and flexibility your organization needs.
Create a delightful experience for your whole team with Embrava Blynclight and Desk Sign.
Blynclight Plus

Get the alerts you need.

Get more information about how our products can be customized to fit your needs.