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Productivity tools to improve communication across departments and leadership.

Communicate more easily with your coworkers at work.

Lights and alerts that tell the story for you

so you can effortlessly focus.

Blynclight, Blynclight Mini, and Blynclight Plus communicate on your behalf.

Using color-coded LED lights and sound alerts to show when agents are busy or to flag down help from a supervisor, our status alerts can optimize your call center for maximum efficiency and ease.

With versatile mounting options to suit every type of desk, these screens help support flexible workspaces that meet your needs and help you stay productive.
Know whether a workspace is available, even from a distance. The touchscreen display tells you whether a space is available and from how long, and the LED ‘traffic lights’ show the status from a space, even from a distance.

desk screen is perfect for a range of different workspaces through three different mounting methods.
“Once we deployed Embrava status lights in our contact center, the improvement in agent efficiency and performance was immediate.”
Stephen Harman   HBCS


Doing things in a timely fashion.
Agent Status Display

Embrava’s status lights change color when agents are available to take calls, on a call, away from the desk, or in another relevant state that supervisors might want to know at a glance.

The lights are fully customizable in color and state to give you the alerts you need in the way you want.

Work in a flexible office and improve your office.
Call & Wrap-Up Duration Alerts

In addition to alerting others in the office of an agent’s status, the in-office status lights can alert agents themselves of call durations and wrap-up alerts.

Different colors and pulsing lights help differentiate alerts directed to the agents from alerts for the rest of the office.

Collaboration in the office between workers.
Call For Supervisor

Embrava status lights can be configured to alert supervisors when agents require assistance, offering an easy-to-spot visual clue.

When help is easy to get and easy to give, employee experience improves and customers ultimately benefit.

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