Our Software Development Kit (SDK) & Application Programing Interface (API) put the power in your hands to use Embrava solutions how you want to.

You know your business best.

You may have a use case for Blynclight status lights or Desk Sign signage that we have not thought of. Providing the SDK & APIS allows you to create and develop the solutions you need.

The Blynclight SDK

User availability shown through our desk device, indicating someone is in a meeting.
Develop Custom Applications
The Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to physically display alerts from your own custom applications.
Broad Platform Support
Our SDK supports all major Operating Systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux to ensure compatibility with your applications.
The SDK will help you build custom integrations on Blynclight, Blynclight Plus, and Blynclight Mini, while our API document gives you access to customizing the Embrava Desk Sign.

The Desk Sign API

Broad Platform Support
The Embrava Desk Sign is excellent at displaying status in flexible workspaces and know there are other use cases for a robust status display.

The Desk Sign API allows you to build integrations for use cases we might not foresee, bringing the power into your hands to solve the challenges around you.  

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Blynclight SDK
Bring your team together
Boost collaboration and improve employee well-being with the ability to restrict desks by department.

Get Accessible

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Empower employees, no matter how tech-savvy.
Desk Sign
simple desk booking
Blynclight Mini
The power and flexibility your organization needs.
Create a delightful experience for your whole team with Embrava Blynclight and Desk Sign.
Blynclight Plus

Get the alerts you need.

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