The Embrava Desk Sign

Get more done and collaborate easily with the Embrava Desk Sign. An all-in-one solution for digital name plating, employee check-ins, instant booking, and availability display.

Because finding a place to work and the people you work with should be easy.

 Our impact includes increased employee productivity and collaboration, smarter workspaces, reduced cost due to fewer interruptions, tools designed to help the hearing and visually impaired, and workplace analytics.
Desk booking device mounted onto a desk in a flexible office.

An office you
want to be in.

Desk Sign improves the employee experience by reducing workplace friction, eliminating the anonymous office, and giving employees ownership over their flexible workspace with dynamic digital name displays.

you can find.

Taking a digital map into the real world, Desk Sign makes it easy to find spaces booked in advance or an available place to work and book on the spot.

Desk booking device mounted on desk reserved and turns color red to indicate taken desk.
Desk booking device on desk reserved as red color.

Data you can use.

Another layer of accurate real-time data collected by the Embrava Desk Sign empowers decision makers to plan for the future and understand how the office is actually functioning.

Sleek, simple, stunning design.

The Embrava Desk Sign can be mounted to a desk or partition, placed on a stand at the desk level, or mounted to glass or on walls. It adds simple clarity to any bookable space on the office floor.

Colleague using a sleek card to tap desk device that reserves their desk.

Availability at a Glance

Desk Sign is commonly used to display five states with standard colors.

With an RGB-256 color range, though, Desk Sign’s LED light bars and alerts are fully customizable. Like we said, flexible.

Needs Cleaning.

Customizable Color Range

Desk Sign is commonly used to display five states with standard colors.

With an RGB-256 color range, though, Desk Sign’s LED light bars and alerts are fully customizable. Like we said, flexible.

Easy, Flexible Desk Booking.
Reserved for a certain period of time.
Unlock smarter workflows, foster a sense of community, and enhance collaboration seamlessly.
Use data and analytics to drive future decisions for your team
Desk booking device that displays desk needs cleaning.
Needs Cleaning.

Sweeping Compatibility

Integrating with an unrivaled collection of industry-leading workplace management platforms means we fit easily into the ecosystem you trust.

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User Presence

Show when users are busy or available to chat using Desk Sign’s integrations with all major UC Platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber, & others.


Remove the ‘anonymous office’ with Desk Sign’s name display, showing who has occupied a desk and allowing users to identify colleagues.

Mount Options

Present Desk Sign anywhere in the office, whether mounting to a wall, partition, desk or glass, with our suite of flexible mounting options.

360 Degree
Viewing Angle

Identify available workspace from anywhere in the office with an LED light bar atop the Desk Sign that can be seen from all angles of the office.


Wired and
Wireless Support

Power the Desk Sign either by USB and networked over WiFi or powered and networked using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Open API

Integrate the Desk Sign with your own line of business applications to display visual and audio alerts with our open API.


Prevent authorized data access using our secured onboard & server data, hardware, and communication channels.

Source of
Utilization Data

Route your desk utilization and anonymous user presence data to a data store or warehouse to meet your reporting requirements.

Do flex work like a champ.
At Embrava, we aim to help organizations protect their most valuable asset: the time of their employees.We are Embrava, creating solutions for office spaces.
“The Embrava workspace signs look great and the color-coding feature makes it easy for our employees to determine seating availability throughout the day. Office visitors have admired the innovative design and functionality of these devices.”
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