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Embrava solutions are designed to help teams in the office, working remotely, or on the road work more efficiently, collaboratively, and with as much flexibility as possible.

We’re designing for the workplace of the future,
because the best is yet to come.

Red desk sign allows others to see that your desk is reserved and shows for how long.

What is the workplace of the future?

Flexible work takes many forms, from open-plan, collaborative, flexible work in environments, to distributed teams and remote workers.

Flexible Solutions

Works with all major office collaboration solutions

Microsoft Lync
Cisco Jabber
Zoom Workspace Reservation
Accruent EMS
Office 365
Office Maps
Space IQ
Intel Unite
NFS Redenvous
FNS: Employee
New Wave Workspace

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  • Enterprise-grade
  • Integrations
  • Reliable
  • Extensible
Purpose built for today’s flexible
work environments
  • Productive Open-Plan Offices
  • Effective Work-From-Home
  • Virtual Team Collaboration
  • Desk Booking
  • Hot Desking & Desk Hoteling

Improving Employee Morale

Workplace distractions can greatly affect productivity, coming on average every three minutes. Quality of work suffers when distractions occur.

Additionally, when moving to flexible work is cumbersome, employees struggle to adopt new ways of working and change management suffers.

Embrava solutions define when employees and workspaces are available and when they are busy or in-use, bringing everyone the freedom to focus.

Display on your desk whether or not you are on a call to your employees.

Managing Work-from-Home Distractions

Reducing friction in the workplace and at home with our products and solutions.

It can be a real challenge to work productively at home. Between noisy kids, personal phone interruptions, door bell rings… it’s hard for the at-home worker to keep their focus.

Embrava solutions help you reduce distractions and stay on task while working at home.

Empowering Team Collaboration

When working in teams it can be hard to know who is available, who is busy, and who is away from the office. Meetings get postponed, decisions don’t get made, and too much time and email is wasted on checking in and getting updates.

Embrava solutions allow road warriors, virtual workers, and mobile professionals to collaborate with both local and distant colleagues, with current, easily visible status.

Workplace office solutions.

Line of Business Integration

Integrating work status in
Line of Business applications

Alerts, messages, and next steps from LOB applications can sometimes pile up in users’ inboxes when they are away or busy with other work. Using the Embrava SDK, developers can integrate worker status into any Line of Business application. In this way, alerts and other actions can vary depending on the user status.

Smart solutions to help you work at your best.

Green means user is available and not on a call.
Blynclight displays user availability.
Blynclight Mini
Bring your team together
Boost collaboration and improve employee well-being with the ability to restrict desks by department.
Desk Sign

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